Gold! Glory! Bananas?

TRACK & TRICKS is a fun and addictive track & field game with HYPER-intuitive controls and SUPER-simple gameplay for iOS and Android phones and tablets... Don't forget to multiply your fun by challenging your friends!

It's Summer 2012, and everyone's eyes are set on the stadium. Medals, records, overtight full-body suits, chubby bodies, short legs, bananas... Wait, what kind of stadium is this?

Choose your character and country and get running in no time. And because not everybody has truckloads of time to waste training, we provide a wonderful set of power-ups that will make your life so much easier. Fair play is for those who can't afford the bananas!

Challenge a friend at anytime or pick a random opponent through GameCenter and gain thousands of prized credits that you can invest in new avatars or power-ups to boost your act.

TRACK & TRICKS, a game full of medals, trophies and glory. And bananas, did we mention the bananas?

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Main features:
  • Cutting-edge cartoon graphics in a full 3-D environment.
  • Social at heart. Challenge your friends and thrive with the credits you earn!
  • Intuitive control system easy for everybody.
  • Rockets, Shields, Bananas! Upgradable power-ups designed for fun.
  • Simple but engaging gameplay.
  • Choose from 5 characters and 24 nationalities from around the globe!
  • Fight for the Credits, the Medals and the Trophies!
  • Endless fun. You won't be able to quit!

Tap When You Must

You run by simply tapping the screen with one finger; a pumping heart icon indicates when the time is right. As you speed up the heart rate increases, and so does difficulty!

With every tap you accumulate extra energy that you can deplete later in a sprint that might save the day!

Fair Play? Not Quite...

Well, it's not like this is the Olympic Games or anything right?

No! It's 'Track & Tricks' and you'll have to, literally, fight your way to the finish line. Use game credits to get power-ups that will help you improve your odds to win all rounds and the gold medal!

The weapon

They say bananas are healthy, but not when they're laying around in the middle of your running track.

Throw banana peels at your opponents to secure your victory.

The helping hand

An instant speed boost that helps you getting there faster.

Great for crushing opponents hopes early in the race.

The life saver

Some protection is always convenient.

Run safe by activating banana-deflecting shields at any time during your race.

Dare to Challenge


Send online challenges to your friends and beat them on 3-round, turn-based events. Thousands of credits are at stake!

Play your rounds as you go. When you receive your opponent's performance, it waits for you on your phone or tablet until the time is right for you. Play your round, then wait for their next move.


On Android devices, the challenges are played on a single device. Play your turn, then pass the phone. And if your opponent plays dirty tricks on you, well, you have them right there...